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Home Inspection starts at 9,000. For a home with the area less than 120 sq.m. for only 9,000 baht.

Now Special!! Inspect the first time and recheck defects the second time for FREE.

Details Of Inspection

Both utility aspect and good-looking aspect are checked on the following items

- Architectural Work (Floor, Floor Skirt, Masonary and Plastering Work, Doors and Windows, Ceiling, Slope of Wet Area: Bathroom + Terrace)

- Electrical Work (Main board, Switches and Outlets, Ground Line, Lighting Fixtures, Tel&TV System)

- Plumbing (Septic Tank, Grease Trap Tank, Water Tank, Outdoor Drainage, Sanitary ware and their leaking)

- Underneath Roof (Electrical Wire&Pipe, Water Pipe, Hanger of Pipe + Ceiling, Leaking Spot, Steel Roof Structure, Heat-Resistant Sheet)

together with an inspection report with thorough explanation and photos, easy to read by yourself. Also, easy to follow for second-time self-checking and no need to pay for the second inspection.

Call now at 02-950-5799 for more information. Mon-Sat 9 PM- 6 PM